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6 Reasons Women Assume you are Gay

Back into the times when men happened to be «men» and Rock Hudson was actually a paragon of heterosexuality, life had been simpler for straight dudes. Today, with gender parts in a state of flux and traditional tips about manliness switched upside-down, everything is a lot more confusing, particularly for females. 

Carry out ladies keep slotting you into the «friend» classification, despite your very best initiatives to attract all of them? Perhaps you’re going for the wrong impression. We requested a random assortment of ladies and homosexual columnist Richard Burnett to provide united states some straight responses. Listed below are six main reasons why ladies might presume you are gay.

1.You’re homophobic.

2. A Queer Eye.

Do you may spend more hours during the mirror than the girl does? Will be your skin-care program more technical versus normal cosmetologist’s? Perhaps you should dial it right back merely an impression. I mean, the point of all of that preening will be make your self more desirable to women, right?

3. You are über-hetero.

4. You reveal a lack of interest.

On the only hand, women would like you become a guy and appreciate their unique limitations, but if you carry out, they make unwarranted presumptions about your sex. Will it be complicated and more than only a little unjust? Sure, but not one person said intimate politics aren’t challenging. One of the keys is to look for that fine range between playing it cool and making undesired advances.

5. You are a gossip.

6. You react «gay.»

possibly sooner or later, when all stigmas around homosexuality are a thing of the past, direct men gets together to watch reruns and present both cucumber facials while experiencing Barbra Streisand records. Or possibly perhaps not.

In the meantime, it doesn’t matter what confident you’re in your own sexuality, it never ever affects to understand the communications you are sending.

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